Mathematically Speaking

About our consultants

We work with you to find the expert you need. We source our consultants from experts across industry, but especially from academia. Many academics are encouraged to forge links with industry within their employment contracts, and we specialise in connecting those with a practical business need to improve their analysis to experts in their field.

More junior academics often have time and skills to provide an innovative solution to your business needs. More senior academics can be relied upon to use their experience to quickly guide others towards the less obvious answers. Mathematically Speaking coordinates and manages your project at all stages with resources from our central team.

This is a win-win for industry and academia: businesses get the benefit of great experience, and academics get the opportunity to apply their skills to new domains. These collaborations often lead to improved visibility and new research areas for academics.

Case Studies

Reducing business costs with experimental design

Our consultants worked with a major provider of official data to optimise their survey methodology. Conversations with the client enabled them to discuss their business needs, and the client was able to use the statistical principles of design of experiments to reduce the size of the survey significantly without sacrificing the integrity of the results. The client was able to save several hundred thousand pounds on the initial design. We provided follow up analysis and quality control.

The latest algorithms for statistical software

A major provider of statistical software wanted expertise in adding the latest algorithms to their product. We were able to extract the required knowledge from the academic literature, and work with the software company in order to allow the algorithms to be included in the next release of the software.

Specialist areas

  • Design of Experiments (DOE) and Analysis of Experimental Data
  • Network analysis and optimisation
  • Statistical computing and software

How we work

We are happy to work with you according to your preferred methods. We are happy to discuss your requirements, and can work remotely, or with you on site as required. Our overall philosophy is to give you the tools you need to analyse your business; we provide the statistical insight to allow you to get the best information from your data. If appropriate, we can:

  • analyse your data and help you understand what it means for your business;
  • provide software or algorithms in your choice of programming language to enable you to update your output in the future;
  • train you and your staff with the knowledge needed to provide your own analysis;
  • find experts in the field to enable you to get up-to-date research for a competitive advantage.
In short, we are happy to work with you and provide the outputs you need to enable you to get the best from your analysis.

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