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R Training Courses launched in London

We’ve launched two new training courses which will take place regularly in London; both courses together provide an introduction to statistical modelling in the R statistical programming environment, a mainstay of the statistics and data science world.

The courses take place over two days, and can be booked together, or separately.

The first course, “Absolute BeginneR” introduces users to what they need to use R, and is suitable for someone with no experience of R whatsoever. It focuses on getting used to the R language, input and output, graphics, and writing basic functions.

The second course, “Statistical ModelleR” teaches the fundamentals of statistics in R: as well as a little theory, examples and interactive sessions are used to get a full understanding. We introduce linear modelling, and principles of model selection, before moving on to more flexible models such as generalised linear models.

For full details about these courses, have a look at our training courses page.

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